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Hello there, 

Thank you for showing interest in my website to see what I am doing and how I could possibly help you. 

As long as I can remember, I have wanted to help others to be and feel better. Not in terms of sitting in a chair with their clothes on and telling me their problems. Instead, I am helping you to understand your body and its complexity and how it can improve. It can be a vulnerable space to explore. 

As you browse through my massage services, you will see that my professional education and growth has given me many skills. My personal journey started out by learning and practicing massage therapy as a hobby. I soon discovered that this meant more to me than just massage. It is my true calling.


My studies have taken me from various massage techniques to learning about the human body and its possibilities to change. The practical experience in different settings (e.g. spas, hotels and rehabilitation centers) have enriched and encouraged me in running my own practice for the past 7 years. 

Once I moved from Europe to the US, I created Beyond Body European Massage Therapy. Even with a tool box full of skills and expertise I still felt that something was missing. I was in search for a “superior technique” to understand my client’s needs. I came across the Feldenkrais and Ortho-Bionomy Methods, which have changed me and how I practice bodywork today. 

My passion to teach others how to move and live with more ease in their lives, by improving themselves as a “whole” is what makes my work so rewarding. I believe in working in tandem with clients. This provides them with knowledge through awareness and active involvement to reach his/her potential and BEYOND. Hence, BEYOND BODY EUROPEAN MASSAGE THERAPY! 


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