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Health Coaching

Lifewave developed a series of stick-on patches that contain information stored in liquid crystalline structures that send biomolecular signals to the body to increase antioxidants, reduce pain, repair tissue, detoxify, reduce inflammation and stress, as well as increase energy. The patches are FDA registered, and safe with no side effects. No chemicals enter the bloodstream.

They are designed to bring Qi energy through to the organ when used on acupuncture points- and even when not on specific points- they send a nutritive signal telling the body to elevate specific healing peptides and antioxidants that we need to good health and wellbeing. 

The patches contain liquid crystals embedded with light/sound which create specific biosignals that modulate the body’s natural magnetic field in order to enhance certain specific biological reactions that are already naturally taking place. 

LifeWave's patented, proprietary wellness products help to deliver more energy and stamina, mental acuity, better sleep, reduced stress, improved skin appearance, faster wound healing and an overall feeling of youthful vitality. Our products also help people reduce body fat and decrease pain. To learn more, click here to visit the LifeWave team learning group. To purchase LifeWave or become a distributor, please contact me.

*LifeWave is an educational assessment tool and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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