“Anything is the Path to Everything”

I recently came across that powerful quote in my current studies, and it left me thinking about everything I believe about life and being alive, what I deserve, what is enough, and if my path right now is the right path.

I think we create our reality mostly based on perceptions and beliefs, but not actual facts. We tell ourselves stories about our life that stem from opinions and judgments we have made throughout our life, like I am fat, I am too lazy to succeed, I am a bad planner, I will never get that raise, I don’t deserve to be happy.

Why would we think those are facts?

This misunderstanding between opinion/judgment and the actual fact eventually shapes who we become. We might even allow our judgement about ourselves to limit our potential for growth and change.

What stops YOU from rewriting your story? Think about if who you think you are is based on opinion and perception.

Can you imagine a different story about yourself? Why is it important to look at your self-created beliefs and judgments? In essence, because the way you live is the way you do everything.

So, “BE GOOD FOR YOU” in everything you do.

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