Are You “Down to Earth”

Earth, the Mother of all Life, encompasses, embraces and nourishes all the other elements.

The Earth element makes us feel “grounded”. The strong calmness and balancing properties of the Earth allows movements and transitions. In the Chinese system this element relates to the times of seasonal change which happens four times a year. During these times, it is very important to stay focused and centered.

The Earth element is the center of a human being, our primary stabilizing force. It is the most important element regarding appetite and hunger; for both food and knowledge and love. It provides us with nourishment like the Mother Earth. It represents our ability to receive, process and give out again the physical, emotional and intellectual nourishment it needs.

When we are out of balance in our Earth element, it can manifest in the area of digestion, blood, thoughts and energy. We can feel lethargic, a lack of energy, creativity or imagination. We might be struggling with mental clutter like too many unfocused thoughts that cloud the mind and render it unable to concentrate. The earth element gives us the ability to form views and opinions and if out of balance it may show as a tendency toward obsessive thoughts, getting stuck with certain ideas or problems and not seeing a way of accepting new ideas, viewpoints or life changes. Physically we can experience a variety of symptoms like chronic stomach pain, nausea, constipation and sinus congestion, to name a few.

The earth element manifests in the body through the organs and meridians of the Spleen and Stomach.

The Spleen the builder of BLOOD and QI, the primary sources of energy and well-being governs digestion and absorption. It specifically digests foods and fluids by extracting and refining their essences and moves them in the proper direction. It also holds the organs and blood vessels in their proper places to prevent collapsing and confusion. If the Spleen cannot transform food you will feel tired, full or discomfort after eating which will weaken your Stomach.

Both the Stomach and spleen form the important Postnatal Chi, which is needed for eating, breathing as well as for all other organs. It forms our constitutional strength.

A balanced earth element provides stability within ourselves. It establishes a stable foundation for the energy and activity of our lives.

In essence centering is grounding, which means being in contact with Earth. You must find your way that works for you and what works may change continuously, because you do. The key is to be able to listen and see, to focus and adapt to those ever-changing moments in our life.

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