Are you ready for spring?

The WOOD element can be seen as the growing of matter, or the matter's growing stage. The WOOD element is an energy that can build up and rise very quickly, and usually builds up under pressure. In full flow, its characteristics are flexibility, strength, co-operation, idealism, warmth, tolerance and patience.

If the WOOD element is in balance, we see growth and expansion.If our WOOD energy doesn’t find a healthy release, we experience tension which can lead to anger and frustration causing physical and psychological difficulties.

The two organs governed by the WOOD element are the Liver and Gallbladder.

The liver, being the “Master of the Chi,” is the primary substance and motive force of LIFE. In the Japanese and Chinese language, it’s also equal to BREATH. If the Chi is in harmony within the human body, we experience HEALTH. When the Yang of the liver is in harmony it reflects strength and our ability to assert ourselves to self growth and expression. The gallbladder is the “Lieutenant” of the liver, carrying out the moment to moment decisions.

In general, the WOOD element will bring peacefulness and cohesiveness to our lives. We focus on this element in the spring during our PHYTO5® treatments. PHYTO5® products, along with the Biodraineur™ and Chromapuncteur™, are used together create an energy balancing treatment leaving you feeling and looking phenomenal. To schedule your PHYTO5® session, please give us a call or click to learn more!

There is a lot of change in the springtime. Now is the time to plan for your garden, spring clean your house, start a new project or reorganize your closet.

Every cycle of the five elements starts with the Wood element, because Wood stands for a new beginning. It’s the most YANG of all the five elements. It’s the element of spring, the element of youth and the future. The WOOD element represents our deep desire to continuously grow personally, spiritually and mentally.

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