As soon as I went into menopause at the age of 35 I started to see the first signs of dimpled skin. Cellulite happens to most women, because women’s fatty cells and connective tissues are arranged vertically, and the fat cells push through the connective tissues. In this GIVEAWAY you’ll see what steps I have taken to combat the visibility of my cellulite.

I have been using Cellproof body foam for the last 5 months twice a day for the appearance of my cellulite. I instantly felt a tightening of my skin. I could see an immediate smoothening of my skin where I applied the foam. The peppermint oil in it also gives you a little bit of a tingly and cooling sensation. I actually use the foam on my whole body except my face. In conjunction with the liquid biocell collagen, the appearance of my cellulite has improved tremendously over the last 5 months. I absolutely love it ! ~ Meghan

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Here's your Cellulite is NOT a Crime guide:

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