Drainage of Lymph: Key to Immunity, Vitality, Beauty and Mitigating Signs of Aging

Good circulation of lymph fluid in the body is vital for health, immunity and even beauty. The lymph system is actually part of the immune system. People with poor or obstructed lymphatic circulation tend to have a weak immune system. One solution that supports circulation of lymph is to receive periodic drainage treatments with the Biorhythmic Drainer by PHYTO5 which we offer here at Beyond Body.

First, let’s explore what lymph is, the causes of impaired lymphatic function and the negative results you’ll want to avoid of impeded flow of this fluid.

Lymph, which begins as interstitial fluid full of waste material discarded by the cells, is a somewhat yellowish liquid containing white blood cells that bathe the tissues and drain fluid, soluble molecules, and immune cells through the lymphatic system into the bloodstream.

Lymph is collected by blood capillaries and is slowly moved to a large several hundred-node network to be purified. Then lymph returns to venous circulation via two major ducts in the chest.

The largest concentrations of lymph nodes are on the face and neck, underarms, and groin area. The diaphragm, our largest muscle, which we activate as we breathe, functions as a type of pump that moves both water and lymph through the human body system.

Breathing, body movement, and gravity are mainly responsible for the movement of lymph.

There are about two quarts of lymph in an average size human body. This is equivalent to one third the amount of red blood in the body.

Lymphatic vessels maintain body homeostasis* by recirculating fluids and cells, but the loss of the cells’ power of division and growth as we age causes impaired lymph circulation. Aging cells restrict the recruitment of more immune cells thus affecting the way the body reacts to acute inflammation.

On the other hand, the intensity of the aging process itself affects the functionality and dynamics of lymph flow.

The consensus in the literature is that the function and capacity of the lymphatic system gets sluggish with age because of decreased lymphatic contractile pressure (the muscles that help circulate lymph lose mass a

nd weaken) and pumping frequency (a decrease in lung capacity). Increased oxidative stress and reduced antioxidant activity associated with aging are also shown to be potential factors. (Journal of Lymphoedema, 2017, Vol. 2, No. 2)

The Japanese beauty and cosmetics company, Shiseido, found in 2015 that impaired dermal lymphatic vessels are an integral cause of sagging skin. Their press release states:

“Shiseido Co., Ltd., through joint research with Professor Nobuyuki Takakura of the Research Institute for Microbial Diseases, Osaka University, has revealed for the first time that impaired function of dermal lymphatic vessels lead to accumulation of subcutaneous fat, which ultimately causes ‘sagging’ of the skin.”

Aside from factors of aging, lymph obstruction is also caused by lymph node removal or damage due to cancer treatment.

Even in younger people, congested lymph presents in the skin as blemishes, acne, psoriasis and enlarged pores, but when lymph is encouraged to flow freely as we can do with drainage treatments here at Beyond Body, skin can become more purified, normalized and radiant.

In a drainage session with the Biorhythmic Drainer, the mechanical function of suction/repulsion within glass cups connected to pumps stimulates lymph fluid movement.

There is no pain or unpleasant sensation and there are no invasive frequencies or electric currents produced or transferred through your skin. The state-of-the-art drainage machine we use provides different suctions rhythms specific to targeting the five different fluids of the body (vital energy, lymph, red blood, blue blood and water).

You will find that a good facial or body drainage will bring you instantly visible results. Your skin will be not only be more radiant and pure but it will feel firmer and more vital. But even more, receiving ongoing both facial and body drainages can be key treatments to slowing signs of aging and helping to keep the skin firm and radiant.

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