Holding Space for Change to Happen

Holding space for myself and others has become a big part of how I live my life and how I engage with my clients in my practice.

Holding space means to be with someone without judgement; a mindful act of being open, present, and receptive to what another person needs in each moment.

In my opinion, holding space can lead to awareness and reflection, which ultimately brings change. If we are not aware or pay attention how would we know what and how we feel? With our attention constantly drawn to the outside of ourselves, we miss the opportunity to feel what is happening within us and how our surroundings are affecting us.

Creating and holding that space for someone else has become a crucial part of my practice. I believe it is the person I am working with who does all the self-healing. I am merely a facilitator who provides their system with the information it needs to move forward.

In my role as a massage therapist, teacher, and health coach, I find myself walking alongside my clients to support them in whatever journey they are on without trying to fix them, without trying to reach a certain goal that I think they should be following, without judgment and without making them feel in any way inadequate.

By taking on this attitude, I can support people in their own growth and transformation. Through the practice of holding space / being present, you encourage awareness to surround your environment with qualities like change, comfort, compassion and self love.

So, cut yourself some slack and practice some self-compassion and go easy on your self-judgment.

My practice offers far more than your traditional massage, and is now accepting new Ortho-Bionomy©, Feldenkrais Method®, and PHYTO5© clients. Please feel free to give me a call at 610-417-8510 to discuss which method is right for you.

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