Stress: How It Ages Skin and Body And How to Mitigate Its Negative Effects

Researchers now know that the skin, endocrine, nervous and immune systems function in close association with each other, and when this symbiosis is knocked out of balance by stress, skin conditions and premature aging of the skin are the result.

Stress can be defined as the body and mind’s perceived threat to homeostasis (the stable equilibrium between interdependent elements).

Stress doesn’t just result from sad or taxing events like divorce or financial hardship. It can even happen as a result of happy events like job promotions, a marriage, or bringing a new child into the family.

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The link between emotional/ psychological stress and aging is not just intuitive, it can be quite obvious. The negative effects of stress and our lack of holistic response to it shows up right in our skin for all to see.

We’ve all seen people whose faces seem ravaged by worry and stress. Later, after the stress has been lifted, we encounter that person again to notice they look more at ease and his or her face looks younger. Facial lines we noticed before seem to have lessened.

We actually are internally equipped to deal with stress both emotionally and physically. The human body is composed of extensive and intricate systems and subsystems that all work together to help us resiliently deal with stress.

Still, even with these internal systems, enduring stress over a prolonged period of time not only compromises the immune system but free radicals (mutated cells) and DNA damage begin to form within the body system thereby causing aging.

Research has found that chronic stress can increase inflammation, aging of the skin and formation of wrinkles. In addition, the stress hormone cortisol breaks down both skin's collagen and elastin.

Biocell liquid collagen is one very effective and proven way to proactively respond to the negative effects of stress on skin. It helps significantly slow the breakdown of collagen. By increasing skin’s collagen content, it reduces wrinkles from the inside out and makes skin firmer and more elastic. Biocell liquid collagen also reduces the enzyme hyaluronidase that actually causes your skin to age as it promotes vibrantly healthy hair, nails, gums, eyes, and much more.

No matter the type of stress we face, the most important thing is how we respond to and cope with it mentally and physically. We can do this by learning to adapt our bodies and minds to stress. Adapting is learning to find and create balance in our lives. By adapting we put an end to being a victim of stress bringing more ease, health, and vitality into our lives.

Adaptation may include practices like martial arts, yoga, walking, weight training, deep breathing, nutritional supplementation such as with Biocell liquid collagen, meditation, nature immersion, and any calming activities that come to mind and that you love.

Stress will always find a way into our lives, but we can mitigate the effects of stress by learning to proactively adapt to it. By meeting stress with holistic practices and alternatives that will counterbalance its negative effects, we’re able to enjoy less sickness, greater energy and a more youthful appearance than most others our age.

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