The Fire Within Me Gives Me Courage In All I Do

As summer approaches heat warms up the planet causing summer flowers to explode from buds, insects dart and buzz continually until the air itself seems to vibrate, everything in nature reaches its peak. Heat is an essential part of our life and growth, because it promotes movement and acts as a catalyst for the chemical exchanges that define the process of life.

With the transition from the earth element into the Fire element, the image of fire helps us with growth leading to Wholeness. If we are pure and full of awareness we are also full of Joy and Love, which represents Fire. Fire represents our self-id

entity and our natural desire to celebrate life. When we feel joy in a proper measure it warms and activates the body, opens the heart and inspires other people to connect in warm ways with friends or colleagues. If joy is experienced in and all-consuming state, it can show in conditions referred to in our culture as anxiety, hyperactivity and hysteria.

Fire also wants our soul to find connections with others, to appreciate our similar experiences, to find that after all, we are not so different. In connecting we find uniting for a common goal, laughing about the same joke or sitting around the campfire sharing stories.

So, now would be the time to finish the projects you started, to surround yourself with people you love and connect with others in a meaningful way……get that BBQ grille going.

FIRE is creating moments that shape and transform us forever, which makes it


Phyto5 has found a way to access and balance that Fire within us through the use of their seasonal product line as well as their chromapuncteur machine. Contact Beyond body, if you would like to learn more about it and how one or a series of Phyto5 sessions can help you staying balanced during those hot summer months.

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