The Purpose of Your Immune System

Do you know what he purpose of your IMMUNE SYSTEM is?

According to the National Institute of Health, the Immune System “is to have a network of cells, tissues and organs, working together to protect the body against foreign invaders”..... nice

That process is actually quite complex and happens on multiple layers and in fact is very DYNAMIC.

It is a system that speaks systematically throughout your entire body. It’s an ARMY of CELLS and they live in your blood and lymph system.

That army has 3 main functions:

-Identify a foreign invader

-Generate a series of communications

-Launch the attack

Always on the lookout if there is a cell that’s misbehaving, like a cancer cell, or it could be a constituent from something you have eaten, a virus toxin, parasites...

Now comes the crazy part, your immune system can get so confused that it thinks that parts of your own body are misbehaving when in reality they just doing their job. The perfect storm starts to happen within and outside of your body, which can eventually lead to Autoimmunity. A viral attack of the immune system on the SELF. What’s left is CONFUSION.

My personal immune superheroes are

* Vitamin E

* Vitamin C

* Vitamin A

* Zinc

* magnesium

* EFAs

And as of late, I have added liquid collagen to my regime, which really made a huge difference in my energy levels, skin appearance and hydration, bowel movements.

Please contact me if you want to know more about this fast acting, multi -patented liquid delivery collagen system and how it can help YOU on so many levels.

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