The Unobstructed Flow of Chi: Vital for More Youthful Skin and Body

We are made of blood, muscles and bones nourished by chi (vital energy), breath and circulation. Our chi energy is fundamental to all the other processes of the body. Without proper flow of chi in the body, circulation of the other fluids of the body (red blood, blue blood, lymph and water) can’t function well and when fluids don’t flow with ease, we begin to experience physical challenges, our body starts breaking down, and our bodies age.

In essence, the physical body functions like a machine where our vital energy acts something like an invisible generator for the entire body. It is driven by electricity that we naturally radiate from within outward.

Parts of our cells known as the mitochondria are the energetic powerhouses for the electricity we produce. They convert all the nutrition we take into our bodies into the vital energy that powers the body. The body’s ability to perform all its various tasks is dependent on good vital energy flow.

Chi doesn’t circulate randomly throughout the body. Instead, it flows in patterns as if on established roadways throughout the body. These ‘roadways' are known as our energy meridians.

Chi wants to flow in an orderly unimpeded fashion throughout not just the bodies of humans but of all living beings, and even the ley lines of the earth, the wind directions and the movement of planets.

When chi is allowed or supported to flow elegantly and without impediment, our meridians are considered balanced, our internal organs are held in place and the body and its functions are in harmony. When we have harmony, we are well, healthy and full of vitality. And just as physical challenges show up on the face, so too do harmony and vitality.

Wrinkles manifest from within the body because of weak chi and weak chi stems from poor digestion and poor fluid circulation.

Meridians located on the dorsal sides of both arms and hands flow naturally upward to lift the face, but as we advance in age, we can develop weak chi in these meridians. By strengthening those meridians you can actually receive a natural facelift.

“Chi [vital energy] is the invisible envelope that lifts your energy. You can lift your face by lifting chi.” Letha Hadady, D. Ac.

Many Asian health secrets indicate that we can restore what we’ve lost as a result of the onset of aging, namely, firm radiant smooth and lifted skin. We can prevent or mitigate wrinkles and lines and stay looking younger than others our age but we must lift our chi to accomplish this.

Ways to lift chi include:

• receiving certain facial treatments which encourage the flow of vital energy throughout the body and, as a result, the skin

• proper overall nutrition that’s respectful to the body

• tonic herbs which work internally to create chi to tone muscles and lift the face

• herbal vitamin C (as opposed to vitamin C capsules or tablets) which helps to maintain your body’s own collagen synthesis

• practicing yoga or Tai Chi, the Chinese martial art and system of calisthenics, consisting of sequences of very slow controlled movements

• receiving acupuncture or acupressure treatments from a certified practitioner where mini ‘electrical’ pulses stimulate points in the body for purposes of encouraging lifting through vital energy flow.

Clinical practitioners of oriental medicine are convinced that the obstruction of chi in the body causes many changes in the body’s natural elegance and overall beauty. New techniques in chi circulation can be enhanced by stimulating ‘micro channels’ in the body leading to energy lucidity and ultimately, radiant, toned, and lifted skin.

Western medicine tends to not understand how the obstruction of inner vital energy flow can directly contribute to many physiological morbidities. But radiant vitality can be achieved when all systems of the body are supported by the fundamental unobstructed flow of chi.

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