Truths About Aging: Here’s What You Need to Do to Slow It Down

The idea of aging has a slightly negative connotation for many. In this world, we’re taught since birth that getting old, decrepit, sick, less mentally sharp and then dying is the way of life and we must accept it. Instead of proactively participating in the process so that we can mitigate many of these challenges, a huge number of people simply accept progressing deterioration as if there’s nothing they can do about much of it.

My name is Purusha and I’m a friend of Alex, the owner of this website and blog. Alex asked me to share my feelings blog-style on the topic of aging. The way I describe myself is I’m advancing through life, and I’ve garnered the benefit of an enormous amount of knowledge, wisdom and life experience. I don’t celebrate birthdays to mark another year of making it through. And I do my best not to compare myself with other people. I am living my own life in my own indigenous way.

I’m really lucky because, as a content creator who only creates content that’s holistic-oriented, I get to do an awful lot of research on almost nothing but aspects of true health and vitality. I end up applying so much of what I learn through the research I do very successfully in my day-to-day life.

I’ve learned that sickness or accelerated aging is caused by three things: toxicity, nutritional deficiency and emotion. (In this article, for reasons of space and holding your attention, I’ll be talking mostly about nutritional deficiency.)

Just at the very time in life when we must focus on nutrition even more diligently, sadly, many older people have less disposable income to provide for it.

In addition, there are certain mechanisms in the brain that signal to a person in advanced age that she’s not thirsty or hungry, therefore she takes in less water and less food and consequently, less nutrition—the very thing she needs for health and vitality of mind and body. That’s a vicious cycle we need to break.

This reduced need for calories works against us so we must be aware of it and consciously choose water and nutrition, and for older people, whether you feel like very adequately hydrating or feeding your body or not, you must do so.

On top of that, people tend to get less active as they grow older. A decrease in physical exercise also lowers the brain-body’s demand for enough food that would provide the necessary nutrients to maintain good nervous system function, elastic toned skin, plump muscle tissue, healthy strong bones, mental alertness and a vibrant immune system.

Signs of aging seem to creep up on you. You look in the mirror one day and all of a sudden, you’ve got some fine lines and your skin isn’t as supple as it used to be. The skin has gotten thinner, has lost fat, hydration, plumpness and smoothness.

Even foods that used to provide you with skin nutrients like collagen aren’t working so much for your skin anymore. I notice that Alex and Beyond Body offer a liquid collagen product—Biocell Liquid Collagen—that looks excellent to me. Not all collagen products are worth their salt but when you find one that is it can make all the difference as I know from personal experience.

Even if our brains are giving us all the right signals and even if we’re exercising consistently, we just can’t eat enough of the right foods to keep our skin, hair, organs, glands, tissues, bones, immune system and energy levels functioning in balance and vitality when we’re older. We’d have to eat copious quantities of certain foods which isn’t possible unless maybe you’re able to avidly juice.

A number of years ago, I went through menopause and the thing I noticed that happened to many post-menopausal women happened to me. A decline in my estrogen level combined with a less uplifting state of emotionality (how emotion creates health challenges is the topic of a whole other article) caused me to store belly fat—and fat in other areas, too. I had always noticed middle-aged women that looked more stout than they used to and I never wanted that to happen to me, but the process had begun!

I also began to notice that even though I was avidly walking long distances, I was more challenged to climb steep steps and perform strength moves and it got me concerned. I realized I’d been resting on my laurels from the days when I didn’t even need to exercise to be agile or strong.

If I don’t do something, I thought, I’m going to cross the bridge of no return.

And the next day, I saw a lady in the Target parking lot who was clearly my age, maybe older, looking all fit, toned, energetic and alive. And that was it. I signed up for a gym membership (thankfully, I already knew how to work out to achieve my intended goals), got started and changed my eating habits.

I did research and found the supplements I needed to feel at peak again. And it all worked. I incrementally lost the excess weight, got firmed up, more agile, strong and healthy. My skin now has ‘snap back’ and I’ve stopped the progression of fine lines. I got my body working great again including my feminine system.

Signs of aging seem like they happen all of a sudden, but this isn’t so. These signs are all the result of toxicities and deficiencies in the body that have been in the works for a very long time. This is precisely why everyone should get conscious about taking proactive care of their health when they're younger.

It’s much easier to be proactive and prevent than to be reactive and heal.

In retrospect, I can truly say that no matter your age, it’s important to bring interventions into your life and health that not only extend your life but reduce the incidence of sickness and disease and make you feel and look younger.

Make nutrition and supplementation a deliberate focus of your everyday life. Do your research. Find your solutions. Don’t be limited by the negative things other people want you to believe about aging.

Recognize that the mind is also a huge part of aging intervention. When you do you give your physical body system the best partner it could ever have.

With a positive attitude created by PARTICIPATING in your health and nutrition rather than accepting the fallacy that you have no other option but to grow and look old, you’ll look in the mirror and see a new person. You’ll put on your clothes and go out into the world and rock it! It’s great for you but you’ll also be an inspiration to others who so desperately need it.

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