What Are You Feeding Your Skin?

Skin is largest organ of your body weighing about 7-10 pounds and covering about 20 square feet.

Did you know that the skin can store up to 44 pounds of fat and up to 22 pounds of water? It is our most resilient organ which we can see when we look at its functions. It protects us from wear and tear, regulates our body temperature, is responsible for absorption and excretion, protects us from infections and UV rays.

Would you agree that inner beauty certainly comes from WITHIN?

Our skin is our connection with the world and corresponds with all our inner workings. In Asian medicine, the skin is referred to as our “third lung.” governed by the metal element which rules the lungs and large intestines. The lungs rule the surface of the body thus the energy of the lungs can be evaluated by the quality of the skin and body hair, if they are moist or dry, limp or elastic, shining or dull.

How about the fact that SKIN communicates and receives LOVE? When we are fearful, we get pale, we blush when we are embarrassed, and we glow when we are feeling joyous.

So, it’s easy to assume that whatever is going on in the inside of our body is visible on the outside.

Many factors can affect your skin and can contribute to mature aging, such as inadequate sleep, diet, hormones, cigarette smoking, diet, medication, constipation, cosmetics, chemicals. But HELP is on the way...we can support our skin by supporting our body from within!

Some foods that nourish and improve skin quality:

* blueberries

* avocados

* high quality oils

* arugula, mustard greens, radishes, green leafy vegetables, hempseeds, raw nuts, cucumbers, carrots, parsley, spinach,

* AND of course, WATER!

How can we support the DERMIS layer which is composed of collagen and elastin protein fibers tightly woven together? As we get older that tight cross connection gets looser and loses its ability to stretch and regain shape.

I have been using a powdered form of collagen for years but with no results. Recently, I came across a certain liquid collagen that finally gave me visible results. I am happy to say I finally feel on the right track by supplementing with a superior product!

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